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The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency: EASA/AEMT Rewind Study and Good Practice Guide to Maintain Motor Efficiency

Published: December 2003
Technical subject(s): AC motors, Motor testing, Repair procedures and tips, Service center equipment

Creating user-friendly service center forms

Published: January 2018
Author: Bret McCormick, Stewart's Electric Motor Works, Inc.
Technical subject(s): AC motors, DC motors, Pumps, Service center equipment

Interpreting results of armature surge test

Published: January 2018
Technical subject(s): Armatures, Motor testing

Safety Tips: General rules when using grinder

Published: January 2018
Technical subject(s): Safety, Service center equipment

Techniques for detailed screening of vibration data; setting alarm limits

Published: January 2018
Author: Gene Vogel, EASA Pump & Vibration Specialist
Technical subject(s): Vibration